Trial lessons

For guitar, e-guitar, ukulele, piano, violin and harmonium we offer 4-week Trial Lessons as an ideal start to learning the instrument.The course costs €40 and consists of 4 lessons, with 30 mins runtime for individual and 45 mins for group lessons.


After completing the course, lessons can be continued and skills  improved further.

4x 30mins for 40€ /

4x 45mins for 40€ (group)

Power Classes

Our monthly "Power Classes" for guitar and ukulele consist of 2 sessions on consecutive Saturdays. They are the perfect opportunity for beginners to learn the basics in a short amount of time. Advanced students can further improve and hone their skills.


The courses are held in small groups of 4 - 6 persons.

2x 90mins for 40€

Intensive lessons

During easter, pentacost, summer break & winter break we offer Intensive Lessons for guitar, ukulele & piano.

They consist of 4 x

30min and are held over

2 weeks, with 2- 3 lessons per week.

4 x 30mins for 40€/

4 x 45mins for 40€(group}

Regular Classes

After completing a Trial / Intensive Course or a Power Class, individual lessons can be continued with 30 mins or 45 mins slots. If a group exists, lessons will run for 45 - 60 mins.

Dates are arranged flexibly with the teachers without a contract or canellation period.

30mins for 15€ /

45mins for 22,50€(single)

45 mins for 15€ (group)

Class schedule

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